Boyar Research

Equity Investing into the Abyss

Conference call with Jon Boyar

Since its founding in 1975 Boyar Research has been through many crisis. While they all had different characteristics, the Boyar approach to investment has remained consistent, and that is finding companies trading below their intrinsic worth. That said, Jon pointed out that if one bought the most adversely affected stocks after 911 (that could weather the storm), such as cruise operators, hotels, travel and leisure related stocks like Disney, you would have outperformed the S&P 500 as they bounced back strongly. A contrarian approach pays and this is a position Boyar Research aim to occupy. Not for contrarians sake, they find intrinsically undervalued companies but with a catalyst. Jon highlighted a selection of companies that fit this criteria and are investable currently. MSG, a hidden-asset play. eBay, spin-off and activism. Starbucks, growth potential. Mohawk, out of favour duopoly. Cisco, transforming business model. Liberty Braves, owners of a trophy asset.