Bios Research

COVID-19 and Therapeutics in Development Long/Short Opportunities

Conference call with Aaron Fletcher

The call will centre on therapeutics in development for CV-19 and individual Long and Short opportunities:

The volatility in the market has generated some extremely attractive opportunities created in the indiscriminate selling and continued short opportunities within medtech and services or areas of biotech with excessive hype around CV19. Bios notes that smaller cap biotech (for example the XBI ETF or the NASDAQ Biotech Index) saw stronger recent performance than the overall market; down 1-2% vs. down 5-6%. Bios believes long opportunities in certain biotech are extremely attractive, while short opportunities in specific names likely have continued downside.

Bios is especially impressed/surprised at the opportunity that presents itself in APTO, which Bios believes could be multiples higher than currently valued in 2020 alone due to a very attractive catalytic calendar. Bios also highlights high quality midcap names such as RETA, QURE, IOVA, RGNX, FGEN etc.