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Westlake International

China Channel Checks

Conference call with Ellen Huang

On-the-ground insight into China related industry, covering eCommerce, Online advertising, Video streaming, Handsets and Semiconductors

calendar icon 8 July 1400 BST

David Murrin - Global Forecaster

The Great Chinese Challenge

Conference call with David Murrin

The Great Chinese ChallengeDiscussion around geopolitical shifts - How we got to this point in time and what to expect in the next 6mths, year and five years. Using the theories described in 2009 book Breaking The Code of History and David Murrinations over the past 10 years, he has accurately predicted all the major geopolitical trends since 2001 detailed in my Past Predictions. Topics for this call include: 5 phase life cycle of an empire, the rise of Asia notably China, the new Cold War, impact of the pandemic, and rise and future role of Britain, sovereign debt defaults, November elections and the commodity cycle. David will also discuss the Arkent Roadmap which he developed to predict the major market moves.

  • The Five Phase Empire cycle which has been the basis of my predictions
  • Where America and Europe stand today
  • The rise of Asian and especially China.
  • The great west to east power Shift
  • The impact of the Pandemic on the geopolitical trends.
  • The New Cold war and the end to the global trading system as we know it.
  • The US Sino Arms race.
  • The Rise and Future Role of Britain
  • The new geopolitical map, in the developed and emerging world.
  • The potential future conflict zones.
  • Implications for Business

Part 2 The Next Market Shifts.

In early 2019, I design what I called my Arkent Roadmap. This allowed me to follow the warning signs, and predict the February 2020 market fall.

Including predicting when oil was at $65 that it would trade sub $27 and the energy industry would face restructuring on a vast scale, in addition to major geopolitical consequences.

The road map was so accurate that it allowed me to predict the February fall from top to bottom. Warning my equity clients to make a full exit in early February.

The road map extends to describe a three-phase dislocation, of which we are near the end of phase 2 and about to embark on the most destructive phase 3.

I will discuss.

  • How we got to February 2020 just before the fall
  • The effect of the commodity cycle on inflation
  • How I expect phase 3 to unfold and it’s regulation of Geopolitical shifts described above, including my predictions for the Nov 2020 elections.
  • The behaviour of key asset classes in phase 3 including the risk of sovereign debt defaults in the next 6 months
calendar icon 15 July 2020


Asia Rising: Global Tech Value Chain Dominance to Drive Portfolio Reallocation

Conference call with Sean Maher

calendar icon 16 July 1500 BST

280 First

Extracting Actionable Insights from 10Q /10K Text Discussions

Conference call with Zhiping Zhao

  • There are always reasons when companies change their wording
  • Wording changes reflective of management intentions, internal projects that are not disclosed.
  • Knowing those information can and do give investors forward looking information, thus helping investors improve their “betting average”
calendar icon 21 July 1600 BST

Lucror Analytics

Investment opportunities in Latin American high yield credits

Conference call with Sebastian Hofmeister, Soummo Mukherjee and Lorena Reich

The call with present Lucror’s high conviction trade ideas across the region and industries

calendar icon 23 July 1500 BST

IRF Historical Events

Hokenson Demographics

Deficits, the Fed and the Post-Corona Outlook for Inflation

calendar icon 2 July 14:00 BST

CrossBorder Capital

Global Liquidity Latest: It’s A Big, Beautiful ‘V’

Conference call with Michael Howell

calendar icon 2 July 1500 BST

Ironsides Macroeconomics

Schumpeter’s Gale: It’s never different this time

Conference call with Barry Knapp

calendar icon 1 July 1500 BST


Deep Quad 4 to Deep Quad 3

Conference call with Keith McCullough

calendar icon 25 June 15:00 GMT

ABP Invest

Its Geopolitics, Stupid!

Conference call with Thanos Papasavvas

calendar icon 24 June 15:00 BST

Centennial Asia Advisors

Asia After the Crisis

Conference call with Manu Bhaskaran

calendar icon 24 June 1400 BST

Capital Alpha Partners

The Outlook from Washington

Conference call with James Lucier

calendar icon 18 June 1500 BST

Andrew Hunt Economics

Can QE be Infinite?

Conference call with Andrew Hunt

calendar icon 17 June 1400 BST


UK macro

Conference call with Philip Rush

calendar icon 12 June 1400 BST

Murenbeeld & Co.

Outlook for Gold

Conference call with Martin Murenbeeld

calendar icon 3 June 1500 BST


Is There a Disconnect between Capital Markets and the “Real” US Economy?

Conference call with David Ranson

calendar icon 3 June 1600 BST

Horizon Insights

China macro / National People's Congress analysis

Conference call with Charles Su

calendar icon 29 May 0900 BST

Variant Perception

A Dance with a Depression

Conference call with Simon White

calendar icon 27 May 1500 BST

Talking Heads Macro

Whatever It Takes

Conference call with Manoj Pradhan

calendar icon 22 May 1500 BST

Belkin Report

Buy Buy Buy as Sentiment is far too Bearish

Conference call with Michael Belkin

calendar icon 19 May 1600 BST

Suttle Economics

The Global Economic Outlook post Covid

Conference call with Phil Suttle

calendar icon 19 May 1500 BST

China Beige Book

Primary research on China

Conference call with Leland Miller

calendar icon 13 May 1500 BST

SW Retail Advisors

Investor Decisions Amid Consumer and Retail Turmoil

Conference call with Stacey Widlitz

calendar icon 11 May 1500 BST

Intertemporal Economics

Don't Stand So Close to Me: Social Distancing and the U.S. economy

Conference call with Brian Pellegrini

calendar icon 7 May 1500 BST

Global Macro Investor

The Unfolding

Conference call with Raoul Pal

calendar icon 6 May 1500 BST

Cornerstone Analytics

Oil: Where Do We Go From Here?

Conference call with Mike Rothman

calendar icon 5 May 1600 BST


China’s recovery (or not), the deteriorating state of U.S.-China relations

Conference call with Brian McCarthy

calendar icon 28 April 1500 BST

Intron Health a subsidiary New Street Research

COVID-19 - Epidemiology Analysis Shows Clear Exit Plan

Conference call with Naresh Chouhan

calendar icon 27 April 1500 BST

Minack Advisors

COVID-19 Can Change Everything

Conference call with Gerard Minack

calendar icon 22 April 0900 BST

Blonde Money

It All Comes To Nought

Conference call with Helen Thomas

calendar icon 21 April 1500 BST

Tabbush Report

Banks - Credit, liquidity, market risk, in unison

Conference call with Daniel Tabbush

calendar icon 21 April 1000 BST

CrossBorder Capital

Global liquidity set to surge by 40% - What are the implications?

Conference call with Michael Howell

calendar icon 16 April 1500 BST

Longview Economics

Roadmap for the Allocation of Capital

Conference call with Chris Watling and Harry Colvin

Fiscal, Monetary, Market Considerations
calendar icon 15 April 1500 BST

Economic Perspectives

Preparing for the Inflationary Backlash

Conference call with Peter Warburton

calendar icon 9 April 1500 BST

Andrew Hunt Economics

Focusing on the impacts of COVID-19

Conference call with Andrew Hunt

calendar icon 8 April 1500 BST

PRC Macro

PRC macro develop economic information and forecasting services to fill the large analytical gaps that exist with respect to China’s political economy

Conference call with Song Gao and William Hess

calendar icon 7 April 1400 BST


Humans are the Weakest Link. Invest in the Machines!

Conference call with Sean Maher

calendar icon 3 April 1500 BST

Boyar Research

Equity Investing into the Abyss

Conference call with Jon Boyar

calendar icon 3 April 1400 BST

Macro Intelligence 2 Partners

A General Turn in Macro with Implications for All Markets

Conference call with Julian Brigden

calendar icon 2 April 1600 BST

Bios Research

COVID-19 and Therapeutics in Development Long/Short Opportunities

Conference call with Aaron Fletcher

calendar icon 1 April 1500 BST

Rosa And Roubini Associates

Topics for discussion will centre around the economic and financial consequences of the crisis

Conference call with Brunello Rosa and Nouriel Roubini

calendar icon 27 March 1400 GMT

Commodity Intelligence

Oil - Taken leave of its senses

Conference call with Mark Latham

calendar icon 27 March 12.30 GMT

Tim Bond Global Speculations

Global Outlook - covering economy, asset prices, interest rates, monetary policy, recession risk and China

Conference call with Tim Bond
calendar icon 26 March 12.30 GMT

The pH Report

The debt-fuelled ring of fire

Conference call with Paul Hodges

calendar icon 24 March 1500 GMT

Cross Research

The Effect of COVID-19 on Technology Supply Chains

Conference call with Shannon Cross

calendar icon 23 March 1400 GMT

David Murrin - Global Forecaster

Stocks, FX, Bonds, Commodities

12:30pm on 17 March at The Lansdowne Club

IRF hosted lunch event with David Murrin
calendar icon 17 March 2020

Intertemporal Economics

Global Liquidity Risks in 2020 & Beyond

12.30pm on 6 Mar at The Lansdowne Club

IRF Lunch Event with Brian Pellegrini
calendar icon 6 March 2020

Sustainable Market Strategies

IRF Lunch with François Boutin-Dufresne

12.30pm on 19th February at The Lansdowne Club

Divesting Out Of Oil & Towards New Opportunities
calendar icon 19 February 2020

Palissy Advisors

Energy and Mining Sectors: Palissy Advisors’ High Conviction Equity Ideas for 2020

IRF Lunch Event with Matthieu Raimbault, Managing Director and Founder

1pm on 11 Feb at The Lansdowne Club
calendar icon 11 February 2020


"The China Syndrome" - Thematic with Trade Recommendations

IRF Lunch Event with Sean Maher, Economist & Strategist

12:30pm on 6 Feb 2020 at The Lansdowne Club
calendar icon 6 February 2020

Minack Advisors

Global Macro - "More Goldilocks"

IRF Lunch Event with Gerard Minack, Founder

29th January at 12.30pm at The Lansdowne Club
calendar icon 29 January 2020


Behavioural Finance - Diversity & Inclusion

12:30pm on 14 Jan 2020 at The Lansdowne Club

IRF Lunch Event with Herman Brodie, Founder & Managing Director
calendar icon 13 - 14 January 2020

Longview Economics

The madness of modern monetary policy; a.k.a where are all the bubbles?

IRF Lunch Event with Chris Watling

Group Lunch Presentation at Brown's Hotel, Albemarle Street, London. W1S 4BP
calendar icon 10 December Tuesday 2019

Suttle Economics

What happens if (and when) the global economy rebounds into 2020?

IRF lunch event with Phil Suttle

Group Lunch Presentation at The IoD
calendar icon 14 November Thursday 2019


Why doesn’t China embark on Stimulus? Why do Chinese credit markets remain so calm? How do balanced capital flows square with talk of a dollar shortage?

IRF Lunch Event with Brian McCarthy

The Lansdowne Club
calendar icon 17 October Thursday 2019

New Street Research

5G: is this the biggest disruption in telecoms since the dotcom bubble?

IRF lunch event with James Ratzer & Andrew Entwistle

The Lansdowne Club
calendar icon 3 October Thursday 2019

High Frequency Economics

US Outlook: Just A “MidCycle Adjustment” For A Mid-Cycle Slowdown, Or A Major Turning Point For Both Fed Policy And The Economy?

IRF Lunch Event with Jim Sullivan

The Lansdowne Club
calendar icon 20 September Friday 2019

Totem Macro

EM Investing At the End of the Cycle

IRF Dinner Event with Whitney Baker

Edel Assanti Art Gallery
calendar icon 18 September Wednesday 2019

Blonde Money

Global Macro - Market Commentary. Navigating Brexit: 'What options for Boris!? No Deal, Election, Delay? In addition to Helen, hear from a Northern Ireland Specialist on how the border will be dealt with.'

IRF Lunch Event with Helen Thomas

The Lansdowne Club
calendar icon 13 September 2019

Andrew Hunt Economics

Global Macro - The Dollar Recession.

IRF Lunch Event with Andrew Hunt

The Lansdowne Club
calendar icon 14 August 2019

The Analyst

Stock Picking: European Equity Long and Short Ideas

IRF Lunch Event with Mark Hiley

The Lansdowne Club
calendar icon 11 July 2019

Palissy Advisors

Oil’s Fundamentals: Updated supply and demand forecasts, OPEC meeting impacts, current industry themes and high conviction equity ideas

IRF Lunch Event with Matthieu Raimbault, Managing Director and Founder

The Lansdowne Club
calendar icon 6 June Thursday 2019

Minack Advisors

More Goldilocks: the US expansion keeps going

IRF Lunch Event with Gerard Minack

The Lansdowne Club
calendar icon 5 June 2019


European Long and Short Equity Ideas

IRF Lunch Event with Jules Hull

The Lansdowne Club
calendar icon 24 April 2019

CrossBorder Capital

Why a QE4 Will Happen and How Global Liquidity Will Drive Gold and Emerging Markets Higher and the Dollar Lower

IRF Lunch Event with Michael Howell

The Lansdowne Club
calendar icon 26 March Tuesday 2019

Signum Intel

Technology Thematics - Machine Learning, AI, Neuromorphic Chips and more

IRF Lunch Event with Michael Orme and Eoin Gleeson

The Lansdowne Club
calendar icon 1 March 2019

Minack Advisors

After an 'all-fall-down' year is the bad news in the price?

IRF Lunch Event with Gerard Minack

The Lansdowne Club
calendar icon 22 January 2019

High Frequency Economics

Latest Macro Insights on US, Europe, Brexit and China

IRF lunch event with Carl Weinberg and Jim O’Sullivan

The Lansdowne Club
calendar icon 21 January 2019

Andrew Hunt Economics

Global Macro - Flow of Funds approach Macro Economic Analysis

IRF Lunch Event with Andrew Hunt

The Lansdowne Club
calendar icon 12 December 2018

Macro Intelligence 2 Partners

Growth and Inflation - The biggest risks to market equilibrium

IRF Lunch Event with Julian Brigden and Ronnie Aked

The Lansdowne Club
calendar icon 6 November 2018

Independent Strategy

How to invest when Democracy is under threat?

IRF Lunch Event with David Roche

The Lansdowne Club
calendar icon 17 October 2018

CrossBorder Capital

US vs China - Market Implications of the Coming Disruption to Global Capital Flows

IRF Breakfast Event with Michael Howell

The Lansdowne Club
calendar icon 12 September 2018

Longview Economics

Latest Macro Insights

IRF Lunch Event with Chris Watling

The Lansdowne Club
calendar icon 28 June 2018

Minack Advisors

Fundamental Research on Global Economic and Market Trends

IRF Lunch Event with Gerard Minack

The Lansdowne Club
calendar icon 19 June 2018


Thematic Research and Actionable Asset Allocation

IRF Lunch Event with Sean Maher, Economist & Strategist

Le Boudin Blanc
calendar icon 25 January 2018
IRF was a Media Partner for the London Value Conference

calendar icon 9 May 2017
IRF Co-Sponsored Global Independent Research Conference

calendar icon 9 March 2017